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Be a watcher and be free

It is 5 am and everything is in tranquil state both inside and the outside. There is a transitional state between deep sleep and waking mode of the mind, called Bija Jagrat in which thought flow and tendencies are yet to take hold on our consciousness. If we can hold on to that state for some time, the undercurrent of it will have its effect al through the day. Every being has this state but because we are unaware it goes unnoticed. Daily we sleep without feeling that we are going into a supernatural state. Similarly we can go into a state of meditation in waking mode of mind. Every human is endowed with that potential but we have to actualize it. For sleeping we don’t do any methods. The more naturally we work in waking mode, sleep we will have state happens itself and we will have undisturbed sleep. Similarly meditation happens as naturally as it should be if we have the skill to live a life without conflict. It is the mental conflict that denies us natural happening of meditation in waking mode. So if we want such thing happen to us we have to live a life which is without conflict. But at present all our activity is resulting in mental conflict. So we have to change our way of thinking and life radically if we want to live a life without conflict. Basic needs can be fulfilled but psychological desires cannot be fulfilled. It is the desires that drive us mad with rabid ambition which results in a life with severe mental conflict. Sleep, food, making love with opposite gender(Maithunam),meditation are basic needs of every human being. But we are living in such a culture and way of life is such that during the waking mode of mind with our self centered activity we are doing everything that prevents natural happening of meditation while we are awake. Our culture is preventing us from the natural happening of meditation which is as natural as happening of daily sleep. The structure of society is such that it throws everybody into a stream of sorrow and misery. The society creates guilt if anybody tries to live naturally. Our society, our religions are all anti-life, anti-natural .Once we live a way of life which is against the nature and life we are split and we will have perennial mental conflict. Meditation will not happen to a mind that is split and in a state of conflict .A man with conflict and guilt can easily be enslaved. Our conditioning provides them both. Politicians keep such people enslaved at physical level by denying them bare basic needs of life. The priest at psychological level enslaves the humanity by keeping his mind tied to superstitions, beliefs, dogmas and encourages human to do complicated rituals, entertainment and tourism in the name of religion, inventing methods in the name of meditation, all of which aimed to exploit and enslave the fellow human being. In Pune one asram charges Rs1000/ as entry fee apart from charging Rs60,000/ for meditation method and other expenses as usual. See how we are exploiting fellow human being by denying him basic needs both at physical and psychological levels. No savior will come and redeem us from all these anomalies. Such belief is just a nonsense. We have to redeem ourselves. We have freedom to watch daily life which is a stream of misery. If you carefully watch you will be an outsider to that stream. That watching of daily life and watching the response of our mind to the interaction outside is self-inquiry. It is such a simple thing to be an outsider to that stream of misery. If you really watch you will never enter into that stream again. If you are a watcher, your mind is not split and is not in conflict and for such a mind meditation happens in waking mode and it becomes as natural as happening of sleep-In meditation is happening spontaneously to any person we are calling him as a saint. He is not a saint, he is just living a natural life and you can also live like that, he is just an example. Be free of all beliefs, dogmas, religions which are nothing but organized beliefs, spontaneous meditation will happen to your mind and you will live a life of joy, love, compassion which is real religiosity. Watching Bird



Instinctual response of any human being issecurity. So he tries to hind security in identity with family, property,group, caste, nation, belief systems and religion. But the very identity withall these lead duality, contradiction, conflict, war. One needs physicalsecurity but is there any need to psychological security? The very pursuit ofpsychological security leads to insecurity. Are humans individualpsychologically or is it the creation of thought through condition to createconcept of individualism which leads to so much disorder. Existence has nodoer-ship but action goes on and on. So individualism is against existentialmovement and so there is so many problems when action arises from a individualpsychological center instead of responding from consciousness without a center.So what actually formed to have security and certainty is bringing usinsecurity and uncertainty because it is bringing conflict along with it. Fromphysical security we turn to psychological security. Action born out ofpsychological center is ibviously incomplete because the center itself islimited and so such action is bound to lead to conflict. It has a motive behindit. Spontaneous action has no motive and so there is no eye on fruit of actionand so “doer” who is the fundamental factor of separation between human beingsis not born and such action is complete. Spontaneous action is pro-existentialand such action never leads to conflict and contradiction. Action born out ofpsychological center is anti-existential and so is bound to produce conflict.Humans only know how to respond from their psychological center which isconditioning, major part of which is imposed by the society and we alsocontribute something to it with security in view but definitely it is bound toproduce conflict and disorder both inside and outside. Outside disorder isobvious but to eliminate disorder inside of us we have to do self-inquiry toget rid of degenerating factors inside. Action born out of psychological centerproduces conflict, contradiction, violence, anger, anxiety; greed, everlastingsorrow etc because the center is anaccumulation of dead memories and life is always new and so we are meeting lifewith dead memories. For all practical purposes every human is just a “bundle ofmemories” and ego is nothing but a movement of these memories as reaction tolife in the present. We know how to react from the ego but we do not know theart of “responding to life” on moment to moment basis. Such response isspontaneous action and so “doer”, the fundamental divisive factor is not thereand so there is no place for conflict. We require memory to function intechnological world and daily living but if we use psychological memory whilerelating to others it is a divisive factor and bound to produce conflict inrelationship and relationship is life. It have an insight into all these freesus from such action. To live spontaneously is to be enlightened because one isreally free then and he is at peace with himself and existence. Then we followour own light of consciousness and there is no need for dependencypsychologically. Dependency is accepting authority on psychological matterswhich is highly pathological. Those who claim authority are themselves blindand they are prepared to lead to other psychologically blind people who followthem with a hope that they will provide security. Until we follow existentiallaws any action which is against existence is bound to produce difficulties.