Why meditation is essential?

Majority of humanity including the scientists are not aware that there is something profound in the inner.

Subjectivity is opposite polarity of objectivity and so methodology to investigate them are naturally different.

The whole education makes the human mind conditioned to trust only in objects which he can dissect their basic constituents.

The problem arises when when one tries to analyze the subject in the same way. An average mans thinks of Self in an objective way.

But the nature of subjectivity is that it cannot be observed. That which is observable is not your subject.

Meditation, watchfulness is the key to explore the inner. With watchfulness a distance is created between the watcher and the mind.

As watchfulness crystallizes the distance becomes longer and longer. Soon the mind is so far away you can hardly feel that it exists.

This disappearence of mind is without your effort. Once the mind is absolutely silent you are aware of yourself because the same energy

that was involved in the mind, finding no mind turns upon itself and turning in is sudden, abrupt. The energy is not static, it is constant movement.

You can be it then there is orgasmic delight. Now there is no obstruction to flow of this energy. Objects hinder the flow of energy and identity to them

directs the flow of energy. Anything directed becomes limited, with it duality, conflict, contradiction arise and the energy is dissipapated.

This is scientific, not a dogma or belief. So Hindus tried to avoid objective reality by saying it as an illusion. Unless you go beyond the smoke of illusion by

understanding and so going beyond it the arraction to objective reality won’t leave you. You have to inquire into identity to objects, beliefs, dogmas, caste,

color, race. religion to go beyond them. Meditation is nothing but going beyond all this rubbish. Then energy comes back and creates a flame of being,

you are now at your very center with full of silence and light. But you have to earn all this on your own. It is not tranferrable. Kindly don’t think that some

living or dead master will confer enlightenment. One has to understand his nature. In the inner you have to travel alone, no guide, no books, no road maps,

no prayers are helpful. In existence there no two similar persons, so enlightenment happens to you in an unique way. That is the dignity existence gave it to

us. Once you are centered as a watcher explosion of awareness is bound to happen at right moment which is called enlightenment. That is your natural

state. The present way of life we are leading is unnatural.Arunachala


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