Who is religious?

Belonging to religion is different from being religious. Religiosity means inner search for “that which never dies”.

Common man understands religion by belonging to certain religion or belief system, he follows the pattern

followed by crowd, mob by going to temple on certain dates, enjoys the entertainment involved in it.

But religiosity is an inner science, “doing” is relevent to outer but “non-doing” is the key to inner exploration

which does not mean laziness but it demands heightened awareness. With heightened awareness you touch a point

from which you witness the seemingly opposite things are complimentary both in the outer and the inner.

That is why Adi Shankara, Buddha, Krishna, Rama Krishna, Zarathustra, Mohammad never opened an hospital or orphanage.

They are more concerned with the thing “that which never dies”. But for common man those who serve the poor look religious.

Very poor people cannot afford search for the eternal. Their immediate need is bread, shelter, job. There is no fun of teaching

the eternal for those people whose basic needs are not fulfilled. But for those whose basic needs are fulfilled better they

not waste time in mundane things instead search for the eternal for which we are born. Man is the only animal who can be aware of his animal

nature by witnessing the contents of the mind. Denying the contents of mind or trying to manipulate the contents of the mind

crystallizes the ego. That denial, that manipulation to change the contents itself is ego. Witnessing them is religiosity. Witnessing

transforms the mind radically. This mutation of mind happens only in “effortless state of mind”. This is real religiosity. Then limitations

of mind are gone you become limitless and so free.Free Bird


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