The paradox of spirit and matter both separate and together at same time

Existence is full of surprises with apparent paradoxes being complimentary to each other instead

of being opposing each other.This is a great mystery.Science always tries to demystify the existence.

Existence reveals its secrets to some extent but its secrets are unfathomable.We have freedom to

participate in the mysticism but we have no freedom to demystify.Once anything is demystified

it becomes a boring to us.So it is good that existence is not revealing its mystery. Scientists are

puzzled when they noticed the behavior of subatomic particles.Sometimes they appear as particles

and at other times it is looking and behaving like a wave of energy.When viewed throu logical thought

either it must be a particle or a wave of energy at a given time but it cannot be both at the same

time.But existence has no obligation to follow human logic it follows its own dharma,ais dhammo

sanantano as Buddha calls it or suchness of things as Zen people call it.A similar thing is applicable

consciousness.Consciousness at rest is called Pure consciousness and consciousness in movement

is called mind.The paradox is that both are there at any given time.Rationally speaking either

consciousness must be at rest or in movement and it cannot be both at same time.

Deep sea is tranquil and its perephary is with chaotic waves.Both are there at same time.

The wave is one with the sea but appears different because it has a separate form and a name

can be given to it.If we want to enjoy the tranquility of deep sea passing through waves is sine qua non

for it.Similarly if we want to enjoy the serenity of center of our being we have to enter into the very

depth of thinking and explore it through and through by doing self-inquiry and there are no short cuts to

bypass this stepThen we are bound to come to a point like Einstein where thinking(chintha) ends

and unthinkable(Achintya) begins.This we encounter in self-inquiry.To know all this transformation of

being is necessary and mere gathering and accumulating of information is useless.Knowing happens

in thought-less state of being(Achintya) and it is this knowing that brings radical transformation

of human mind which is a real revolution.Creativity


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