Spontaneous action and time bound action

Life means relating,be it with the other,things,ideas,nature and relating is action.

But many of us do not know what it means to relate.

We relate with physical world with some formulas and it is convenient in the

physical dimension.

Because we do not know how to relate with a living being,we have invented

psychological formulas like ideas,beliefs,dogma,theories and we are relating

with the other with these formulas.But such type of relating is leading to

conformity to tradition,convention,orthodoxy.The old generations wants to

impose its blind beliefs,religion,scriptures,priests on new generations and they

themselves are brought up like that.As long as there is burden of old thoughts

on the minds,the very life is crushed undr that burden and so mental faculties

cannot develop.Because of all this the flame of awareness cannot be lit and we

do not know how to relate with the other which is the essence of life.

When action is born out of an idea old things are not allowed to die,status quo

is maintained and we become disseminators of the old knowingly or unknowingly.

So society is a factory where sick minds are created.Highly sick minds become

successful and respected by this corrupt society which conditions

its people to be competitive,violent,ambitious.Education teaches us to be

competetive and try to be ahead of others and at the same time they tell us

to be generous,sensitive,sympathetic?How can a competetive human being

have all these qualities.So the whole structure of our upbringing is contradictory

which results in producing a contradictory human being.

Those who live out of their own awareness are unsuccessful and unfits

in this society but they are the most fulfilled people on earth.

Because any idea is past based and future oriented,action done through it

is time bound.Idea is born out of limited consciousness with separate feeling

and any action based on idea further strengthens limitation and so separate

feeling is strengthened further.”Me” is a product of time and any action born

out of it time bound and past based and so brings conflict,misery,sorrow.

When we relate with flame of attention limiting factors disappear and when we act

total action which is immediate and spontaneous takes place in a timeless

dimension.Such action is non-traditional,non-conventional,rebellious because

it is not dependent on ideas,beliefs,theories,dogma.There is freedom in such

action in contrast to time bound action which binds us further to conditioning

and circumscribes our conscious with each act.Majority of humanity are aslleep

and so they do time bound action which is mechanical and does not demand

awareness,just following some psychological formulas is enough.

Any action done with “doership” is time bound action.

When we relate with awareness mind becomes still because ideas,theories,beliefs

are not required then,and such a mind tastes Self knowledge and there is

radical change in the functioning of the mind because of presence of awareness in it.

There is no “doer” or “me” when action happens under awareness.

Then it is creative,and never caught in the trap of time and space though it

functions in it.Then there is freedom from sorrow.In self-inquiry just being aware

of the contents of the mind leads to emptying of them and an empty mind is the

right instrument to discover and host the ultimate reality.Free Bird


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