Sitting silently and doing nothing

Meditation is relaxation. There is a no “how” to it. There are books“how” to meditate. The title shows that the author knows nothing about meditation. It is just like writing a book “how” to sleep. Can you enforce sleep deliberately? Similarly you cannot enforce meditation deliberately. At the most you can prepare the mind for meditation to happen. All efforts for self inquiry is in this direction only. Meditation happens by itself when you sit silently and do nothing. Meditation is nothing but enjoying the bliss of sleep in waking mode of life. We are all addicted to “do” something. Being is not doing. Watching is also not doing. The mind is always in a “rush” hour. The traffic will be there but be a watcher on the hill. Everything goes in the valley Let it be. Forcing the body to be still is the aim of yoga. Forced stillness is not stillness. All religion encourage you to “do” something at mental level in the form of prayer. Prayer is a petition to god who does not exist. When stillness comes on its own and silence descends without effort and this happens in watchfulness only. Thoughts stop on their own accord if you don’t identify. This JK told the people for 60 years but few understood him because people know “doing” but they do not know what “non-doing” in waking state is. They are addicted to “do” something while they are awake. “Non-doing”in waking state is beyond their comprehension. Watch thoughts without prejudices,attitude, condemnation, judgment. Watcher simply reflects the things as they are. Each individual has a collection of tendencies and differ in quantity and so freedom from them varies from individual to individual. Dreams and thoughts are cousin brothers. If thoughts disappear dreams disappear. If you go near a lake you feel cool. That is what happens near Samadhi of saints. There is no secret, just the milieu changes. Master is a “non-doer”, he is just available. Coming close is non-accumulative learning,real discipline. Master makes you aware of your own being. There must be availability from both sides. Two opennesses without any conditions it“clicks”. Suddenly you become a mirror of consciousness.


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