Self-inquiry is not apart from daily life

It is 4-30am and is very peaceful both outside and inside. Ramana Maharshi advised the humanity to hold on to transitional state in which one is awake but

thought-free. The duration of this state depends on our way of life in waking mode of mind. If we can hld on to this state it will have its effect as undercurrent

all through the day. Self-inquiry and meditation are not apart from our daily life. One has to understand daily life, how we relate with the others and nature.

Self-inquiry is not a method, in fact it is freedom from all methods. We observe life and movement of thought without the burden of past. The observation is

not to achive a result and so it is not a mental pursuit. The observation is not episodic, we must be aware all the time and to every incident in waking state.

Then only we become sensitive and sensitivity is religiosity.If we are not sensitive to nature, we cannot relate to fellow human being.Only in relation the

contents of the mind revealed at the conscious level.When you confront a fact, every thoughy is a form of resistance.The other day some friend telephoned

to me at last he could find a suitable match to his grand daughter, the boy is drawing a salary of 50,000/pm and likely to inherit 100 million rupees. Family

is a means of fulfilment and society respects it.Society is ambitious,envious,brutal,violent,greedy, acquisitive.Ambition is pure poison with the label of

nector.We deeply attach to family, tradition.Identification with the body,mind with its bbeliefs and dogmas, possessions,family,friends takes us outwards, the

only thing that is not outside of us is the witnessing consciousness.

This is obvious in the trasitional state. Self-inquiry is the process of freeing the mind everything except the factThis is possible only when we have witnessing

consciousness. Any identity is destructive. Then energy used for destructive purposes. Energy without identity is creative. The moment identity is destroyed

through understanding, you are transformed. Then mind cleanses all the time and lives with the fact in the present without the burden of past.If you are

intensely aware in the present there is paralysis of thought activity and you perceive the things “as they really are”. Freedom is the capacity to look at the

fact without distortion.In freedom mind is concerned only with the fact.In such context there is the mutation of the fact in timeless dimension. Mind that

resist change can never understand what mutation implies. In mutation the fact is dissolved after the understanding.If the observer enters the scene

and tries to correct the fact by manipulating it, there is the continuity of fact in modified form and this is not self-inquiry ecause observer creates an opposite

state of fact which becomes another problem because there is the conflict between fact and anti-fact. So daily life is an opportunity to observe life and our

response to it and sp self-inquiry is not apart from daily life.



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