Pure listening to rumblings of ego by passive awareness is self-inquiry

Mind is the chief sensory organ though which awareness enters into the body and that awareness spreads all over the body through nerve fibers of senses.Senses limit the range
of comprehension of awareness.So all sensate values are limited and action based on them
is also limited.Limited action leads to conflict and strife,sorrow.So we have to find out is there
action which is not limited even while we are functioning from body,senses,mind? Let us inquire whether there is such a possibility.This is very important because life is relationship and action
and our present way of doing it is bringing us enormous sorrow.

When awarenes of mind is identified with sensate values like belief,dogma,ideas there is separate
feeling because of duality which leads to incomplete action to every challange in daily life,incomplete comprehension of the problem leading to residue of non-understanding and
incomplete experiencing.Such incomplete experience gives birth to memory which is stored
in memory cells.Conglomeration of all such incomplete experiences stored in memory cells is
ego.The memories stored in deeper recesses of brain form the unconscious part of ego and those stored in superficial layers is conscious part of ego but they are qualitatively the same because they are the outcome of incomplete action during the evolutionary perod.So ego
is a product of time and action from ego is producing sorrow and so anything we do in dimension of time brings sorrow.So time is sorrow.

We may like or dislike that bundle of memories called the ego but we cannot afford to ignore it because it knocks our door every moment till it is resolved.Instead of facing that bundle and inquire into many escape into various things and religion provides an honorable escape by
providing various entertainements in the name of spirituality,encouraging to keep the ego “safely” to do the so called spiritual disciplines.They encourage you to continue in the metaphysical sleep on which whole business of priesthood and religion depend.It is a very good business in the sense that there is no investment,risk factors are nil,returns are enormous.With incomplete action with its consequent conflict every man is split and feels guilty and a man with split can easily be enslaved both physically and psychologically.On this fundamental split in the human the whole religion and its exploitation depend.

So ego is the problem of whoe humanity.How to approach that problem?
Any action born out of ego which itself is the result of incomplete action is bound to be incomplete and ego can never comprehend the wholeness of any problem,be it at physical or metaphysical level.If we approach the problem with ego with an end in view first of all it becomes split again and action born out of it will be increasingly limited and there is friction between these split parts of ego leading to degeneracy of mind and its functions.That is what is happening to many by the time they reach 50-60 years.

When we do not comprehend a problem,we approach it with an idea with an end in view.
If we really comprehend the wholeness of problem we do not need an idea to resolve the problem because in the very comprehension there is the resolution of the problem.

A true inquirer is one who is continuously aware of mind functioning without a result in view,
without an idea,conclusion,prejudice.Then only there can be integrated and complete action
without any residue of non-understanding.Understanding our mind and its way of functioning
is “real action” which is holistic.

If we understand who we are,where we are,how we are then only we can relate sanely with the others,things,and nature and understand the nature of sensate values.Without the total comprehension of the ego which is the case now,life is painful with constant conflict and contradiction.If i am not misunderstood,the whole humanity is in a socially adjustable mental disorder living with perennial conflict both inside and outside.

To undrstand the process of life we must understand thoughts and feelings arising in us when
we relate to others,sensate values,things and nature.To understand any relation mind must be free,it should not be fixed to an idea,belief,dogma.But many of us act basing on an idea,then it is not an action at all,it is the idea that is perpetuating through us.When ideas shape our action,it amounts to inaction.Ideas are the outcome of sensation and so limited and so they create their own opposition.So we are in constant conflict because of following ideas.
So when relationship which is life and action conditioned by sensation there is no understanding of that relationship in toto.

Many feel that path of action(karma marga) and path of discrimination(Jnana marga) are different.
First of all to feel that there are paths to a living thing is immature and foolish.There can be path to only to a dead and static thing.Without understanding “action” we cannot move an inch towards the Self.So at the psychological level perception is action and that action leads to instant understanding in a timeless dimension.

For those who would really want to understand truth,they must fully grasp the significanc of relationship which is life and action.If such relationship is based on an idea,it is not a holistic action at all and it is not possible to comprehend the relationship in totality because idea circumscribes the relationship and so then the relationship is based on sensation and so separation and so without love.Unfortunately all our relationships are based on ego which is the quintessence of sensation with separate feeling and so without love.

Most of us don’t hear the continuous knocking of ego with a quiet mind.Our listening to it is premediated,calculated,always interpreting,judging,comparing with what you know.
Such listening is no listening at all.If you listen to ego with a mind that is free of ideas,dogma,belief with just passive awareness then there is the total comprehension of the ego and the way it functions,and in that comprehension you go beyond the ego and enter into timeless dimension and such a mind discovers the ultimate reality.Once you touch the reality your mind is radically changed,undergoes a fundamental revolution which is the only revoution and such a mind is in constant mutation and creativity.

So let us listen to the ego with a quiet mind with passive awareness by doing self and taste the reality and undergo radical change in the way of our thinking and so the way we relate to the other and the way we act.Arunachala


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