Mental memory-Perception

For all practical purposes activity of ego depends on past memory and experiences resulting in incomplete action and so perennial conflict.With ego we cannot do total action.That is why ego is the source of misery and sorrow to humanity.So we must destroy the mental memory by not identifying with it.At present we are identified with it and so we gave autonomous status to it and so the past goes on perpetuating itself.Identity with mental memory interferes and distorts our perception of things in life and it makes us incapable of seeing things “as they really are”.When we stop identifying with mental memory it fails to receive energy from us and so it no longer interferes in our affairs.Not identifying with the mental memory does not destroy remembering faculty and we can use the past more efficiently when we do not identify with it.Perception without past is a strange phenomena.In such perception there is no object on which we focus our attention in particular.Here the attention is not directed towards anything and so there is no experience and experiencer. In object oriented percption recognition is required and so the “me” comes into picture and distorts the perception by judging,categorizing,evaluating,measuring the object.In pure perception objects have no importance because it is not a fragmentary perception.It is a perception without the center called perceiver,the me,ego,censor.It is pure perception. Such perception which is free from shadow of the past is blissful. In such perception total action takes place and so life will be without conflict.


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