First prepare the mind for self-inquiry

Modern mind is full of garbage. First it has to be emptied out. Some cathartic method is sine qua non before attempting a silent method like self-inquiry.

Mind must be clean, unburdened and simple. Then you have a taste of Self, a taste of Self-knowledge. But trying to do self-inquiry directly you reach

no where. This is the case with so many in Tiru and all over the world. They go on fighting with their own mind in the name of self-inquiry.

First when you are not doing bodily or mentally which include thinking, concentration, contemplation, when all activity caeses “you simply are”, “just be”.

Even if you are there for a fraction of second as you go on practicing you how to be in the space of “non-activity” for a longer time. Get centered in it

utterly relaxed. You can be that space but you cannot practice with mind to be in that space. Then without losing centeredness in the being start small

activities with awareness. Kindly see that your attention is bidirectional, on what you are doing and your response to it.

I f you are succcessful in small activities then you can start doing complicated things without getting disturbed in the centeredness of your being.

Then you develop the skill of watching self activity which is nothing but self-inquiry.As you go on watching self activity from your center of being,

thought process slows down, there is radical change in self-activity and one fine day self stops functioning when it is not required. Mind is not enemy but

because of lack of awareness in functining of daily activities at present it is dictating our way of life. Mind means past plus future. But life is in the present. So

when mind presides our life we are bound to miss the “present moment” which is life. This domination of mind will go forever once we start functioning from

the being with awareness. The key to success in self-inquiry is heightened awareness. Then a new way of life of joy, clarity, creativity starts. You must be

aloof to the action you are doing (Udasina), just a watcher on the hill. Once you learn how to do action spontaneously “doer” is not born. So ego dust never

arises and so there is no veiling to the Self effulgence of Self. Self is not against action but you have to learn the skill of doing spontaneous action in the

“present moment”. Action born out of ego is bound to be incomplete and so there is residue of non-understanding which result in experience

which is stored in memory cells and knocks your door for resolution. Then ego dust arises tries in its own way to resolve it but being incomplete

complicates it further and ego cloud goes thickening with so many layers of non-understanding and completely veils the effulgence of Self.

This is the case with majority of humanity and it is the cause of problems all over the world. Unless we investigate into the cause of cloud

formation clouds won’t disappear. If we bring in awareness having centered in the being, the clouds slowly dissolves and one fine day they

totally disappear without your effort because awareness does not require any effort. Then you can do any activity you like but watchfulness

should be crystallized. Then you become a light unto yourselves with the insight and understanding self-inquiry goes smoothly.

Then we relate with people, animals, trees, nature in a different way. There is no separative feeling with them. We become part of existential flow. At present

we are swimming against the existential flow gathering misery and getting tired and frustrated. This swimming against the flow requires lot of rffort and

energy.With the understanding of things we are the same energy in self-inquiry. In understanding there is conservation of energy. So do self-inquiry

and flow with the blissful existence. This is real surrender. Nobody becomes saint unless he surrenders to existence.Arunachala


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