Do Self-inquiry and claim your natural state of being

Ego process appears only when the mind is occupied be it daily activity or with psychological activity. In still mind there is no ego.

Because attraction towards things is continuous ego appears as an existential entity. When a fire ball is revolved there is an illusion

that there is a circle of fire. If we slow the resolution of fire ball we will know the truth. If that hot iron ball is completely cooled the illusion is gone forever.

When we see a cinema the phenomena in the reel appears to be true, we are involved in it, sometimes we cry, some times we laugh,

we like some characters in it and we hate some characters in it, all this because they appearnto be true when reel that is projected is run

with certain speed. If we slow down the reel or completely stop it then only we are aware of the background screen which is unaffected by events in

phenomena. So ego is born and die each moment (Vritti Jnana). There is a gap between appearence and disappearence of ego during which

we can find the background of pure consciousness. Ego consciousness is associated consciousness. In self-inquiry we dissociate the consciousness

from outer and inner things. Then awareness of mind is freed from all conditioning, organized beliefs, dogmas, all systems of philosophy,

of all preconceptions of what reality or god is. Then mind becomes still. Problems exists only when the mind is occupied. Some how

humanity is frightened when the mind is not occupied and so there is perpetuation of problems with occupied mind.Motivated action

strengthens the ego and so binds the mind. Motivated action is incomplete and there is the residue of non-understanding stored as

experience in memory cells and it adds to the already existing ego. The incomplete experience knocks our door for resolution.

Spontaneous action has no motive and such action is complete and mind is ready for the next challenge. When action is spontaneous

there is no “doer”and so such action brings joy immediately. In motivated action which is incomplete there is “doer” who shapes the

result of action and so we are bound to result of action and so there is sorrow, misery, conflict, contradiction in such incomplete action.

So how we act in daily life is very important. Unless there is cessation of ego activity you cannot dream of discovery of ultimate reality

which is not a projection of the mind. So we have live a way of life which never strengthens the ego.

Now how to be free of this ego activity in daily life? Ego is a summation of dead experiences collected during the evolutionary process.

We know to respond from that dead entity to the living challenge of present moment making the things complicated. If we can lit that

entity with the doubt of “who am i”, the wax of ego is slowly burned out because that doubt of “who am i” cleanses everything which is false.

When everything that is false is eliminated through observation what is left is “Truth”. So self-inquiry is a process of negation based on doubt,

agnosticism, scepticism because these are the ways to eliminate that which is not true. As ego wax is completely burned out you come across

face to face with indubitable entity and that is truth, then doubt is also gone. In self-inquiry we don’t follow anybody, we follow our own insight.

As we go on doing self-inquiry like this we become and more silent, peaceful, alert. There comes a moment when consciousness becomes so

clear, so luminous “you simply are” in timeless dimension without any thought. This is your natural state. So do self-inquiry and claim your natural

state of being. It is so blissful, you yourself will know how not to disturb that tranquil and peaceful state.



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