Dew drop and the ocean

Personality is development of evolutionary process with consciousness entangled in

tendencies and trivial sensate values.Man functions from personality with its innate

limitations and self centered activity.Such activity is antagonistic to other persons

and so any such activity produces conflict,strife,misery,sorrow.But humanity knows

only that type of activity which is socially and legally sanctioned.Life means action

at various levels.There cannot be any life without action and our present way

with its action is producing enormous sorrow to humanity.Seeing this some escape

altogether from activity and try to renounce from the world.Without understanding

the full implications of such activity,renunciation inevitably leads to new bondages and

problems.Life is a ground to learn the skill of living life and act in a sane manner.So we have

to inquire into whether there is such an action which does not bring conflict,sorrow

knowing fully well life means action.

Doer-ship is inherent to action that proceeds from personality and we are badly identified

with the personality.Action that proceeds from the so called “doer” who is essentially

a quintessence of all his “past” experiences is future oriented and so he gives a direction

to that action and so there is contamination in that action.Unless we go into what is

personality,the “me” which is the source of misey to humanity we will not have a clarity

about an alternative action which does not bring conflict,strife,sorrow.Personality is

imposition of ideas over your consciousness mainly by the society to kep you enslaved

to them so that you will not become a hindrance to the corrupt ways of society.

Once you start doing self-inquiry you will realize for yourself the imposed false values

of society over you.Just observing them without any judgement produces a radical

revolution in your mind.Then you discard for yourself “what you not”voluntarily and

start acting on your own understanding without submitting to authority of any kind.

Then slowly,slowly you are freed from these imposed limitation.Then action proceeds

from awareness which has no limitation and so such action is not future oriented and

without any “doer”.Action without “doer” brings joy because now you are acting from

your very core of being whose nature is bliss without any intentions whatsoever.Then consciousness which

is entangled in false values so far causing the mind to fight with itself and get degenerated

gets freed and becomes one with the universal consciousness.

Freedom from identity with limited adjuncts starts like this only and ends with the

union of liberated consciousness with the pure consciousness.Tendencies are formed

only when one does the self centered activity mechanically.After all any habit is born

out of mechanistic action.Man is nothing but a collection of tendencies.We act according

to the dictates of our tendencies.Habits which finally crytallize as the tendencies are possible

only when one is metaphysicaly asleep in sensate values saying i am so and so,i come from a

good family,my nation is great,my caste is great,my religion is the only religion,all other religions

lead you to hell etc.,are signs of this metaphysical sleep.Once you start self-inquiry awareness

is brought into the scene it de-mechanises action and once you think and act in awareness habits and tendencies will

not be formed and old tendencies gradually become weak because they no longer get energy

and once tendencies are get annihilated like this,the entangled consciousness in them is freed

and becomes one with the universal consciousness.Once you start acting with awareness,

love and compassion starts flowing from you and your action and so life has the fragrance

of them.Adi Sankara said “Vasana kshayam Moksham”(Annihilation of tendencies is liberation).

A mind that is free of tendencies is empty and can comprehend the reality.Such a mind

dissolves in the ultimate and becomes one with it.Then old habit of action from a false

center “me”no longer happens and so there is ending of sorrow.The ending of “me” is the

ending of sorrow because there is no sorrow when there is no “me’.In such a person in which

ending of “me” has happened because he has no residual tendencies to be spent,he no

longer requires any”body” and he just remains as pure consciousness being spread all over

existence without any individual identity or a private thought-feeling.Such one is a master.

So in self-inquiry the dew drop becomes one with the ocean.So let us al do self-inquiry and

and enjoy the bliss of ocean by dissolving in it.Arunachala


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