With self-inquiry you become a light unto yourself

Self-inquiry helps you to make the light which is your real subjectivity to act in daily life. At present your past, your memory is responding to everyday challanges. Self-inquiry prepares your mind to act spontaneously from your consciousness and so the action is complete. When past acts in the challenge to meet in the active present such action is always incomplete and leaves a residue of non-understanding.Past is limited and so its action is also limited.Any limited action leads to misery.It is a law. So there no fun of acting from the past in psychological matters.We can use the past but it should not overshadow the action which is life.The laws which are applicable in the physical dimension are not applicable in the psychological dimension. Biologically there is duality in the physical dimension, like male-female, light-darkness, choice and comparisonare possible and required in physical dimension if one wants to progress. Man applying the same principles in psychological dimension. He thinks that there is duality in psychological dimension also. psychologically there is no duality and there is only “what is” which is a mold produced during evolution through conflict and time. dimension also. Thought creates the “me” and tries to make it good by various measures. “Me” is divided in itself and it is a product of time and conflict in evolution. Violence, arrogance, greediness, possessiveness, attachment, fear are natural to it.And we are identified with that “me” and our every action and thought are proceeding from it.And that action is limited and limited action leads to misery and so the whole humanity is miserable.It is a complex problem as all human problems are, it has very little meaning if we have not laid right foundation and it is not isolated from daily activity.It is all inclusive and it must be understood right from the beginning.It is not something done for some time daily and then carry on daily mischievous life. In self-inquiry we have to observe that “what is” with our own light. Nobody can give you that light to you.So kindly don’t look for another in this matter.So we must know what it means to be a light to himself and how important is this light in daily life.To investigate you must be free and don’t try to lean upon anybody in psychological matters. We have to develop to find that light in our own way and there cannot be blue print for it because we are investigating a living and moving thing of ego.There cannot be any path to it.So if one asks how to do self-inquiry we can say it is through awareness of ego activity but as a method it cannot be there.The flow of self-inquiry, the action of self-inquirywill be there but how to do it from another creates an authority.If there is an authority there is no freedom and without freedom we cannot do self-inquiry.In self-inquiry it is not possible to follow somebody because we are dealing with a living thing of ego and not dead static thing.If you follow anybody it is finished.Authority of doctor, engineer is required outwardly but authority is a hindrance inwardly.One must be free from conclusions,experiences inwardly otherwise they become your authority.If you are not free you can never be light to yourself.If you are a light to yourself you are light to the world because now you will be an example for others.There is no one to guide you in self-inquiry, no one to tell you that you are progressing and thus give encouragement but you have to completely stand alone in self-inquiry. The light can only come when you investigate and understand the “self activity”,thinking, feeling the whole structure of it, that is what “you are” in the present.So self knowing is very important.Actually what you are, not what you think you are or not you think you should be or like to be but what actually going on inside.To be aware of what is taking place inside is self-inquiry.We have to observe without knowledge of the past which is commonly termed as the “observer”.There is no use of examining from the background of past because it defimitely distorts the observation and it a very common mistake humans do un self-inquiry.If there is freedom in observation the whole nature and structure of self begins to unroll.Observation can only take place in the “now”.I can observe the “now” from the pastprejudices, fears,hopes,conclusions.But real observation of “now” takes place only when the “observer” who represents the past is absent.Movement of past meeting the present and ends it is the “now”.If you allow the past to go on then the “now” becomes the future but never the “actual now”.Watch the fact and allow it to flower and wither.We are conditioned and educated to suppress. Observe your greed,envy, anger, fear without naming or condemning them and in the very observation they undergo a radical change.Observation without a background brings about a change.It is allowing “me” to flower and as you observe they undergo a radical transformation if there is no “observer” who is the past as background.There is no intermediary between your observation and truth.In doing that one becomes a light to oneself.Then we will never ask anybody how to do self-inquiry.In the very perception there is action.Search for experience must come to an end.Recording of experience becomes memory and memory distorts observation. Hindus experience their gods, Christian experience Jesus like that but it is all due to conditioning.Experiencer is his craving, conditioning and all that has been told.Experience implies recognition, that what you experience is you already know, it is not something new.So a mind that demands experience is living in the past and it can possibly allow totally new, original.So there must be freedom from urge for experience if one wants to do self-inquiry.So there is no experiencer in self-inquiry.Observe fears, pleasures, sorrows of daily relationship without observer and so without any supression. Pleasure fear,sorrow are distorting factors of observation.Image maker prevents actual relationship with each other.

Many with still mind there is bliss.So many meditation techniques teach thought control but not change way of life so that thought stream comes to a halt as naturally as it should be.Because thought is disturbing factor they try to control it at any cost but it slips away.There is tremendous effort to control,there is conflict between the thought that moves away and another thought to control it.So we must inquire into who is the controller.There is only thinking, not the thinker and thought.Thinker wants to control thought to experience Nirvana.See the futility of such games.So we are concerned about whole process of thinking,not controlling of it.Thinking is a movement in time,can the time come to an end but not how to stop thinking.Gurus emphasized on thought control and so there must be effortconflict, supression with neurotic behavior.Can we live without any control in daily life.Comparison leads to control and if there is no control “i an what i am”, there is no movement towards more.In the scool we are conditioned with comparison so effort.When we see the unreality of it there is only :what is”.Energy unnecessarily dissipated in comparison.Withat unwasted energy we can observe “what is” and “what is” undergoes radical transformation.Time is the past.Future exists only when past modifies in the present and moves on, which is the case with many of us.That movement must stop.Unless there is no movement there is no freedom to observe.You cannot stop it by will, desire.Can you drop pleasure instantly? Past is our background and we live in the past.Now is immovable, when the movement of past meets “now”, there is no movement at all.So past meets the “present” and end there.In our conscious mind there is demand of unconscious.Can that totality of consciousness be observed.In the observation of totality there is ending of it and leading to something else.When you see and observe without any direction we can see the whole thing,if you see with a motive there is a direction and observation is incomplete.Then you don’t misplace the things.We are conditioned to act with motive only.So the stress is on observation but not how to get rid of the motive.The center is the motive.With observation without the center there is total harmony and you can do that you understood relationship.In this way self-inquiry prepares the mind for spontaneous meditation which opens the door of eternity.When we are a light unto ourselves mind won’t register and act from that.Mind is now is without single movement, therefore silent.It is a natural outcome of daily living.Living with silence without the noise of “me” is beauty.So do self-inquiry.Arunachala


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