What it really means to do self-inquiry

In our area self-inquiry is a popular word though very few knew what it is.They believe that Ramana Maharshi will

deliver all goods to them including realization but they indulge in self centered activity and their mind is not ready


self-inquiry because they think thought solves all problems and they do not see the urgent need for empty mind to

have insight so that we can proceed to do self-inquiry.They have preconceived ideas about self-inquiry by reading

some books on it. This is dangerous.Intellectual understanding takes us nowhere.In self-inquiry perception itself is

action. Once we perceive fase as false we never land in illusions. But mind must be free and empty of all contents

including beliefs, dogmas, conditioning which is handed down to us by previous generations, then only we know

how to swim in inquiry.

Self-inquiry is not apart from daily life because we have to observe the life of competition, comparison, conformity,

envy, greedy, anxiety, sensual and sexual appetites.The awareness in self-inquiry penetrates all these, otherwise it


no meaning. It pervades our whole existence. For physical survival we may have to do some career but self-inquiry

embraces it also, career is not apart from it. Our awareness must be reflected in the career we do.

Self-inquiry is not a search to get hold of Self.It is not an ambitious, greedy pursuit of pleasure of having Self in


In self-inquiry we follow no authority because as far as psyche and its investigation is concerned there is no place

for authority. Self-inquiry is the real spirit of religion because in self-inquiry we jump from one dimension to

altogether unknown dimension. This jump requires energy. In self-inquiry there is pooling up of energy because

energy that is usually dissipated in trivia is saved in self-inquiry and this energy used for jump into unchartered


We take it for granted that we are awake in waking mode of mind. But we are awake only when there is challange

or stimulation. The momentum of past remembrances is such that it is dictating life in the “present moment” which

amounts to responding from sleeping. We are thinking,talking, acting,from the background of past. So past is

dominating and so putting us to sleep “now” . But if one is aware past will not overflow into the present. Such

happening brings its own discipline which is real spiritual discipline.In self-inquiry there is no conflict because

there is no such thing as control, condemnation, judgement, evaluation.Flowers


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