Lessons to be learnt from Bhagawan’s death experience

Bhagawan had physical insecurity for no reason in Madurai in his uncles hose. It is a

consciious fear and is produced by thought. There is a feeling of losing the body.

Bhagawan inquired into whole problem of death fear.Physical security is necessary

for the brain. Brain can function only in complete security so that it functions heathily,

efficiently and not neurotically. That security is denied in this particular context.

Dependency on identity with the body-mind complex and fear arises when one is

challanged with identity which is death. Normally we attach to a

belief or a saviour, which is a neurotic activity. For many death means fear of not being.

Bhagawan inquired in the inner that if there is “being” in spite of loss of identity

with body-mind complex.Many feel “Imust identify myself with something” to be. Many

feel that death is the ending of life. They do not inquire into it.

Fear of not being able to achive, fulfil, be with my own thing is common in many.

Bhagawan went into root of fear, not the objects of fear but expressions of fear.

Nobody tells you that you are hungry and what to do. Same is the case with fear.

It is we who has solve our problem.No explanation will solve

problem of fear.It is essential to mind to be free of fear just as food is essential to body,

otherwise thought process functions in a perverted way.With this type of understanding,

one has energy to inquire into fact of death fear.

After all the purpose of religion is to gather energy to inquire. That is real discipline.

“I” cannot do anything about

fear because it is the “I” that has created the fear.The very fact that Bhagawan

inquired into death fear shows that he has already enough accumulated energy because

there is no dissipation of energy through conflict and all leaks of

energy are blocked. What has brought fear into consciousness?

What is the answer and which has been sustained and nourished and observer

cannot do anything because it is who has created fear with the aid of thought.

Can we observe fear without the observer? Obviously fear is the result of thought.

Thought can function only in the field of knowledge. Fear is always new,

we make it old by recognizing it. We can recognize that which we know only. So

can the mind observe without interferance of thought? If it does fear is not.

Fear then put away completely. It is only when we understood whole movement of fear.

Fear is a living thing and so we have to look at it. We can analyze only a dead

thing.We don’t see the danger of fear in mind and we are not using our intelligence

to look at it.Understanding death fear is not intellectual and fragmentary.

Most of us not serious. We must have no psychological authority of authority of any kind

and must rely on ones own experience.We should not look for a method which

arises from self and so mechanical.We must have freedom to look at fear.

Asking how to do it amounts to inviting authority. Negative way is the only way

and self-inquiry is a negative way. We must look for blocks to have

comprehensive understanding of problem like death fear.

Authority is detrimental and destructive if we do self-inquiry with authority set by some one.

Bhagawan never followed scripture or saviour for his problem of death fear. Already

he has enough energy to do self inquiry on his own which he did. But average man is

not capable of clear perception and action even after four million years of his existence

on earth.What are the obstacles which prevent clear perception.

This is negative approach. We are not concerned how to get rid of fear.

One of the major hindrance to perception is total acceptance of authority.

One must be light to oneself. So we deny help of another light however that light might

be.What exist is man who is bound to his authority as body-mind complex. He is bound to this.

To see this freedom from belief, dogma, authority is absolutely necessary.

Usually makes one to conform to authorityand craving for authority is fear.

Violence produces fear and man entrapped in this viscious circle.

We cannot go beyond it unless one is free from authority, violence, fear cage.

So there must be no feeling on dependence on authority.But when one is

heavily conditioned by propaganda of 2000-5000 years of propagana,

can he be free from condioning? When one says how to go go beyond conditioning,

one caeses to learn. One is learning nature and structure of human fear.

We should not condemn or justify the fact of death fear.

Fear is an obstacle therefore one cannot condemn it.

The moment Bhagan learned about death fear, he is free from it.

The usual tendency is to deny the reality of fear.

To look at death fear is not to solve the problem.If we want to solve the problem of fear,

we are more concerned with solving than facing the fear.So if we try to solve fear,

we are not facing it.To face fear mind must give complete attention to fear.

The observer says i am afraid and puts fear away from him. But the fact is he is the fear

itself.At the moment of fear there is neither observer nor the observed.

But once observation starts he feels that is a gap between him and the fear.

The moment you start looking at it there is division.In that conflict there is an

attempt to get rid of it by condemning or justifying.When observer is not there ,

there choiceless awareness of fear.(Sakshi Tattwa)

The observer creates linguistic difference between him and the thing observed.

So the word prevents from being completely in contact with fear.

So mind must be free of the word to look.The relationship between observer and the

observed is really there when word is not.So he is directly in contact with fear.

When one is directly in contact you can be aware of whole content of mind including unconscious.

Belief is most destructive part of life.It demands great deal of intelligence to break away from past

and going to the unchartered unknowable tiless dimension.

Then we have to live in a different way without self, the ego, the me.

So activity is no longer self centered but spontaneous.

Spontaneous activity never produces ego smoke because action is complete and whole.

Then there is love without any competition or comparison with anybody.

Religious mind is a mind that has no hatred that lives without any fear or anxiety

and no antagonism. This is a different dimension of living and nobody wants that.

Is there effort in Bhagawan’s inquiry into death? If one everlastingly live in effort to gain Self,

it amounts to blinding man. To live without effort requires great intelligence and highest form of

sensitivity.Otherwise there is conflict between “what is” and “what should be”.

If we face “what is” without ideological “what should be”, then

there is no conflict at all.Conflict arises only when we evaluate and compare

with “what should be”, then conflict arises.When the fact is burning there,

why should we have an ideal, conceptual thinking? Ideal is a distraction.The

negative observation of self-inquiry has no opposite.So it is non-dualistic and

so not a mental method to discover the Self.Mind exists only in division

and Self exists when there is no division. So mind can never see the Self in an

objective way. It is only when dualistic process subsides by itself knowing fully well

that it has no role to play in psyche, then only non-dualistic Self reveals by itself.

Because Self consciousness is its nature, no other entity like

method, symbol, prayer is required. Bhagawan never followed any method, symbol

or prayer. He just inquired into fact of death. This inquiry with negative observation

is a non-dualistic process which negates the content of mind born out of Self-ignorance

and is a living thing. So better we do self-inquiry which results in an empty mind

which has the sensitivity to comprehend the eternal in us.

Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi


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