In self-inquiry mind develops the capacity to act from Pure observation

Normally mind is filled with “me” which is self contradictory in itself. Thought plays important role in daily existence

of human. Thought is not only used in acquiring techno;ogical information but it also divides human mind and so

people. Thought is divisive in nature. Learning usually means acquiring experience through action which is stored in

memory cells as knowledge and that knowledge acts through thought. So thought is essentially belongs to past.

As new experiences and knowledge can always be added they are limited and thought which arises from them is also

limited. Action arising from knowledge is limited, incomplete, associated with regrets. We are acquiring not only

technological memory but we are acquiring psychological memory and storing it and we are acting from that memory

which always leads to incomplete action and experience and summation of incomplete experiences is ego. We know

how to act from ego only. We do not know what is complete action in which there is “experiencing” without any

residue and nothing as “doer”, the ego is formed with complete action. This is the advantage of complete action.

Thought creates an image of everything, be it outside or inside. Once image is created further observation stops

because with image we come to abstract conclusion about the “fact”.So there is no pure observation of “fact” if we

have an image about the fact. Belief, dogmas, ideas about facts like anger, violence, greed, ambition,


desire, arrogance, fear prevent further observation by naming them. But name is not the thing. The word fear is

not fear.We are not in anyway resolve the problems of psychological facts like anger just by naming them.

In self-inquiry the observation goes on without movement of past. Naming the fact amounts to movement of past.

In life everybody is in the pursuit of seeking something which is antagonistic to seeking of others. This is due

illusion that one has separate existence from others just because biologically he is a separate unit. But

psychologically all humanity stands on same contents of mind. Once mind is in disorder, the society is naturally will

be in disorder. So seeking something in a self centered way leads to strife, struggle, brutality and it never leads to

good society and people in it are never happy. They go on seeking security, money, everlasting pleasure, freedom

from fear, freedom from burden of sorrow, for new experiences including god. All this leads to conflict only.

When there is pure observation of life without any belief, dogmas, images mind is freee and quiet mind develops

the capacity to act from pure observation without past shaping the action and such action is spontaneous and

complete never results in “doer”, the ego. It is action without interference of thought and so thought cannot weave

ego out of such action. Such mind is stable and so quiet and it develops the capacity of acting from pure

observation. Then there is a possibility of such mind perceiving the eternal. Self-inquiry is the way to develop such

mind. So kindly do self-inquiry.
Flowering of consciousness


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