Human needs both “out-sight” and “Insight”

From childhood i am observing that human needs both “outsight” and “Insight” and luckily both are existential gifts given to everybody. If you closely observe children they use faculties well. But as age advances he is compelled by the society to adjust to its structure through conditioning the child to be competitive, violent, ambitious, greedy etc. Intrinsically child child may have his own tendencies which adds tohis conditioning and so limits his conscious ness.Once consciousness is limited the so called “me” and “mine” play an important role and thought orocess is in the service of ego, the “me” which is nothing but a collection of memories and imagesc about himself and the others. It is just a thought stuff, and so non-existential. It is important to note that no thought is interested in you and it is you who are clinging to the thought.But only one of the faculties is predominatly used most commonly “outsight” making this complex human life highly imbalaced. For most people objective reality is the only reality and if you tell them that “Insight” is required to solve psychological problem, immediately they are likely to retort”Insight”! what is that? we never heard of it. Even scientists feel that there is nothing like subjectivity and they are always object oriented and one they want to find ultimate reality in the outside, that is matterMany religions with god as center to them are object oriented because they are thought based.

.East became very poor because they neglected exploring outer reality. West became inwardly poor because they believe that matter is the only reality. So both both east and west are poor in one dimension making life imbalanced.If you go on believing that objective reality is the only reality that is, you go on cultivating thought to solve all human problems. Thought is a reaction of memory and so limited and it is not meant to solve psychological problems. All psychological problems are result of thought interfering in psyche in which it has no role to play.Thought is an instrument of “outsight” only. But unfortunately man has known that instrument only and using thought to solve every human problem which resulted in present chaotic culture which is the result of thought being used for every human problem. Thoight made rapid strides in objective reality because it has a role to play. But thought also created nations, wars, comparisons, competition which resulted in violence. So thought has no role play in the inner reality. Thought must subside voluntarily so that “Insight” happens without any effort. Insight is effortless. Outsight is effort. Both are needed for life. If psychological problem arises thought should voluntarily withdraw and give place to ‘Insight” in psyche. Unfortunately psyche is invaded by thought and we are acting according to what thought dictates. This is a highly perverted way of life because thought arises from past and we are knowingly or unknowing living according to dictates of past. This is dead way of living. Though body is breathing psychologically such human is dead for all practical purposes because he is responding from the grave of past memories.. If psychological problem arises we must have insight into it and then truth acts on “what is” and the contents of mind makes up “what is”. Contents of mind are made up of thought which is material in nature.Unless they are emptied mind is not empty. They are emptied only if we are watchful, no longer clinging to them.Only empty mind has insight because only empty mind is free mind. We cannot do self-inquiry with a mind with contents, beliefs, dogmas, with prior conclusions.So human mind requires radical change, it must be able to use thought for “outsight” and it must have the instrument of “insight” to solve psychological problems.Then only life will be balanced and such human being is “holy” because he is using the instruments given by the existence properly. He is the flowering of human consciousness.This is the state of Self realization.

Dr.P.V.S.Suryanarayana Raju


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