Are we doing self-inquiry properly?

Self-inquiry is the understanding of the common problem of humanity which is the “me”.

We give much attention to objects in objective reality and so there are rapid strides in science.

We ignore subjective world completely and we don’t pay any attention at all. Very few want to attend to subjective

reality but they do inquiry with thought which is essentially the past, not knowing the fact that “Inquirer is the

inquired”.Then he is caught in a groove. With limited action of thought a problem is not resolved completely and

forever creates other problems leading to perpetual conflict.When mind is free of every belief, dogma then only

it is free starts inquiring. There is no watcher as noun in this infinite watchfulness of subjective world. Then there is

great vitality because energy is so far imprisoned in belief, dogma etc is released for inquiry because we are

watching above all opposites which constitute the “me”. If one is earnest in watching “me” disappears in the

intensity of attention. Religious man means one who has no self interest and so has no self. Only then is real

freedom. Communists call freedom a bourgeois thing. They are right in one way, if we live in the house of “me”

there is no freedom, we are conditioned human beings. But if we transcend the “me” we taste what it is to be free.

Self-inquiry is not selfish. It is scientific study of contents of the mind which are common to human kind. So inquiry

is impersonal. The belief that one exists as individual and has a separate soul is due to ignorance. We have separatr

bodies but our psyche is same and our mind is caught in the stream of self-ignorance. So there is no separate

salvation also.It is just like awakening into Self. From his point of view waking and dream states are also dreams.

Religions and gods are built by thought. Self-inquiry is not a result oriented activity. We see the contents of mind

and if we feel the danger of them we don’t indulge in self-activity which results in these contents. Religion gives

enormous importance to concept of “separate individual” and so actually the “me” and “mine” are strenthened.

Even if we search for god with self-interest it leads to fear. Search for god is actually search for security and

there is no psychological security which is a fact. So we have to apply immense attention to the subjective world.

Then self with its contents disappear. This is doing self-inquiry per se in which we just attend to “what is”.

“What is” is contents of mind. Just like first class scientist who attends on objects purely here we attend to

“what is” in the subjective world. So self-inquiry is the science of subjectivity. The very absence of “me”

makes the mind healthy and orderly.

“Me” is a byproduct of interaction of object knowing consciousness and matter.

That is why when contents of mind which constitute “me” are emptied through watchfulness there is

nothing like “me” because it is an epiphenomenon. If the contents of the mind are existential whatever we do

they cannot be emptied.Charvakas, Epicurus, Karl Marx, Lenin mistook it as ultimate

consciousness and made a cheap statement that “Consciousness is a byproduct”. They have no knowledge of pure

consciousness which transcends all opposites and it is not the result of any religious practice based on thought

which is intrisically limited in itself. It has an independent existence of its own unlike epiphenomenon of “me”.

Watchfulness shows the origin of contents which constitute the “me”. The origin of contents is time and thought.

If there is no time and thought there are no contents like fear, anxiety, ambition, greed, violence, etc. So kindly do

self-inquiry and keep your mind healthy and orderly.Dr.P.V.S.Suryanarayana Raju


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