Upadesa Saram verse 9


Verse 9: Bhava sunyasad bhava susthitih bhavana balad bhaktir uttama

Bhavana balat : based upon the strenghth of thought [ie, i am he]
sad bhava sustitih: (the meditator gains) firm abidance in the Self.
Bhava sunya : independent of thoughts
Bhaktir uttamam: This is supreme devotion.


Upadesa Saram Verse 9:
“By the power of meditation, devoid of thoughts one is established in true being, and this is supreme devotion.”


The “I” thought (I-am-the-body-idea) arises from the spiritual heart centre, raises to the brain and identifies with the body and imagines itself to be the body.” I-am-the-body” is the primal imagination that thinks all other thoughts. So if we want to be free of thoughts we must be free from “I-am-the-body-idea”. The “I” thought creates an illusion that there is a mind or individual Self (Kinchijna) which inhabits the body and directs all thoughts and actions. The “I” thought accomplishes this by identifying itself with all thoughts and perceptions of the mind. The idea that one is an individual person is generated and sustained by “I” thought and by it’s habit of constantly attaching itself to all the thoughts that arise. If one can break the connection between” I” thought and the thoughts it identifies with them through self-enquiry the “I” thought is deprived of all the thoughts and perceptions that it normally identifies with, then the “I” thought itself will subside and finally disappear. This can be done by holding on to “I” thought and excluding all other thoughts. If one can keep attention on the inner feeling of “I”
we can hold on to “I” thought, then it will start to subside into the spiritual heart centre. Through self-enquiry when we free our mind of all thoughts except the “I” thought, the magnetic power of Self pulls the “I” thought back into the heart centre culminating in the collapse  and eventually the “I” thought is destroyed completely and never raises again. When this happens the idea of individual Self is destroyed, only Self remains. This is Bhava sunya sadbhava susthiti. This is supreme devotion says Bhagawan. Image


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