Upadesa Saram

“Upadesa Saram”

Verse 8: bheda bhavanat soham ityasau bhavana bhida pavani mata

Verse 8:
“Meditation on the identity of Individual (jiva) and the Lord (Eswara),”I am He” is more purifying than meditation which assumes a difference between them.”

(superior) to contemplation with duality is

Bhavana abhida: contemplation without duality.
sah aham iti : That “He is me”
asau: This (contemplation without duality)

pavani mata: considered as purifier of mind.

Contemplation without duality that “He is me” is considered as greater purifier of mind than that which is based on duality.

Ego is basically finite consciousness. It is Self consciousness “I am” mixed and identified with adjuncts, beliefs, ideas, nationality, caste, creed, race, profession etc. So ego is an affirmation of separateness. Separative feeling is a mirage created by the ego.

The idea of separative feeling is apparent only in the dimension of time and space. The idea of separativeness veils the truth. Separative feeling is a hindrance to spiritual growth. Ego takes shelter in the false idea of being the body and it feels separate from Godliness by contrasting itself with other forms of life. Ego being finite can know only finite things. Ego believe that God and the world to be separate from itself. It reduces God to something being finite. Anything that is separate from anything else is limited and thus necessarily finite. So long as we experience ourselves as a limited individual we feel God is a being who is distinct and separate from us. We limit the infinity of God.
If we know or experience God as anything other than our own essential Self, we are not experiencing him “as he really is” but only as mind made vision (Manomayamam katchi).Though God is visible when we worship him with a separative feeling and there is cleansing and purification of the mind of it’s desire and attachment to worldly pleasures, there is still mistaken experience that we are finite and we are separate from God. Trotapuri removed this type of mistaken experience of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa by conferring him nondual experience of the Self.

The only way to experience the Self is by being it. Literally we cannot experience Self, there is only experiencing. Being as we are is the only means by which we can experience the absolute reality “as it is”. So meditating without separative feeling with strong conviction of “I am He” is superior to meditating with assumption that God is separate from us. With this type meditation of identity of individual (jiva) and the Lord (Eswara) there is disintegration of the ego ending in realizing the Truth.Image


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