Upadesa Saram Verse 7

verse 7: Ajya dharaya srotasa samam sarala chintanam viralatah param.

sarala chintanam: continuous [firmly established, without breaks] abidance as[on] Self.
viralatah : interupted
param: is superior. [meaning continuous abidance is better than abidance with breaks].

ajya dharaya srotasa samam: like a river; a continuous flow of Ghee.



Upadesa Saram Verse 7:
“Like an unbroken flow of oil or a stream of water, continuous meditation is better than which is interrupted.”


Deliberate meditation is mental activity and is always interrupted by thought disturbance due to the influence of innate tendencies. “Me” is the result of desire which itself is dependent on object seen by senses. So “me” is built on sensate value only. “Me” is the result of evolution of body-mind complex and so “me” is time. So “me” is non-Self, so is time. Ego is commonly interested in indulging in sense enjoyment because it thrives on non-Self and such a mind has to be prepared to be one pointed through rituals, Japa, meditation and enquiry. Then mind is gradually emptied of its contents and such a mind has the capacity to meditate without interruption and its attention moves Self wards without any break. Continuous Self ward flow of mind is easy for those who withdraw their attention from nonself and abide in Self and be as Self without any separative feeling. Such a mind is called Atmakara or Brahmakara vritti. This is the goal of all spiritual disciplines Image


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