Upadesa Saram Verse 6


verse 6: uttama stavad ucha mandatah chitajam japa-dyananam uttamam
uttama — superior or better
stavat – than stuti or singing glories
ucha (japa) – loud japa
mandatah  – softer (japa)
chittajam (japa) — japa in mind
japa dyanam – japa that is automatic form, inward –literally mental japa
uttamam – is the best



Upadesa Saram Verse 6:

Better than the best hymns of devotional praise is the repetitive uttering of sacred names in which uttering with low voice(upamsu japa) is better than uttering louder(uchha japa),but best of all is the meditation in the mind(mental japa).”


Describing the greatness of Lord in detail is the best devotional praise. It is better for japa to be done in low voice than loud voice. The aim of japa is to hold on to a single thought thus excluding all other thoughts. As japa progresses mind will be subdued and mind becomes one pointed (Ekagra chitta) and to such a mind, silence of the Self conscious being is revealed which is usually called self knowledge. Japa withdraws our attention from the nonself and withdrawing of attention from nonself amounts to attending to the Self conscious being because awareness falls on itself. Once we learn this skill of abiding and holding on to pure consciousness spiritual progress becomes easy and effortless. Japa should be done with passionate devotion to the truth but not mechanically. Japa should be done with total self surrender (Poorna saranagathi) to have good results. Once we exclude attending to nonself what remains is only the “Self” and to rest in and as Self is the aim of all spiritual disciplines.



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