Upadesa Saram Verse 5

verse5: Jagata ishadi yuka sevanam, ashtamurthi vrid daiva pujanam.
jagatah sevanam: serving the world
ishadi yukta: treating it as a manifestation of God.
ashta-murthi-vrid: consisting of eight fold form
deva pujanam: prayer to God.

worshiping the eight fold form of God and serving the world treating it as a manifestation of God is proper worship.


Upadesha Saram Verse 5:

“To serve the world looked upon as the manifestation of the Lord, is to offer worship to the Lord of eight fold forms. “



Lord is omniscient so he pervades every atom of his creation. Creation is the adjunct of Lord i.e. Eswara. Earth, water, fire, air, ether, Sun, Moon and all living beings are eight fold manifestation of the Lord. Space happens due to Pancha Bhutas (Five fundamental elements of creation) and Time happens due to the presence of Sun and the Moon. All Jivas (Beings with adjuncts) function in the purview of time and space. They have no independent existence beyond time and space. So worship of these eight fold forms regarded all as forms of his, is perfect worship of Lord. This type of worship is without doership and there is surrender in it, so it purifies the mind and paves the way for self realization. When we see the world with this Bhavana we will feel that we are seeing and serving the Lord. Such type of devotion is called Para Bhakti. Sri Rama Krishna Parama Hamsa used to see Mother Kali in everything. For saint Nami Nandi Adigal every one in Tiruvur used to appear as Siva to him. Bhagawan saw every being as Self.This is Para Bhakti.Image


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