The “inquirer” is the “inquired”.

Ego is the common problem of humanity. It leads to disordered mind due to its self centered activity.Life action


in relationship. Once our consciousness is circumscribed by the ego “me” and “thou” starts with its constant friction


conflict, misery, sorrow, anxiety, fear, despair,ambition, greediness, pleasure oriented life, attachments etc.Human


makes so many tricks like going to temple, or Church, Synagogue every week but he indulges in self-centered activity


which is prompted by ego with its disastrous consequences. Relation is not possible between two seeds which are


circumscribed by its covering sheaths. Because life is relation and such relation is spoiled by its circumscription of 


past memories, conditioning, tradition such life is erratic from birth to death. Many do certain meditative methods


to have peace of mind without changing the way of life to an orderly manner so that spontaneous meditation is


possible.All methods are activity of ego and such tricks are futile unless we change the way we live radically so that


we will have healthy relationship with fellow human beings, animals, nature. At present we are destroying them in


the name of self centered activity. Some do self-inquiry in the hope of finding the Self. But who is the “inquirer” in


self-inquiry? The “inquirer” is the result of evolution and so time, he represents the past, tradition which brought 


so much misery to him so far. Such life situation demands a radical change in our way of life so that we establish a


healthy relationship with our surroundings including establishing healthy relationship with fellow human beings.


We  conditioned that cobra is a poisonous snake and to keep off from it but we are not conditioned that indulging


in self centered activity with associated anxiety, ambotion, greediness, violence, anger, stinginess, etc. The


“inquirer” is the result of such self centered acyivity and unable to bear the pain involved in such activity he


opts for some meditative method or self-inquiry in the hope of hinding some mental peace. Misery is due to self


centered activity with its incomplete action and residue of experience which form the ego. So ego formation


is inherent in self centered activity and wrong relationship with fellow human beings is inherent in such activity


leading to enormous misery.So we have to change the activity to spontaneous activity in which no ego smoke


is possible.The “inquirer” is the result of self centered activity, so the “inquirer” is always miserable seeking a way


out of all this mess in life. In self centered activity because there is an eye on fruit of action the “doer”, the “me”.


the “ego”,the “inquirer” is born. Unless we find it for ourselves that “inquirer” and “inquired” are the same


qualitatively we do not make progress in self-inquiry.Not knowing this simple fact results in perennial conflict


because the “inquirer” always tries to manipulate the “inquired” but it naturally gives no results except increase in


conflict. We will come to know this fact when the mind is still.Unless we see the danger of “me”, its activity as a


whole we do not get rid of the “me”, the ego,the “inquirer” which veils the self effulgence and bliss of Self.


Self inquiry means inquiry into the “inquirer” because “inquirer is the inquired”. The inquirer is the result of


evolution and so time, conditioning, tradition. The whole social structure depends on structure of “inquirer” and so


society always encourages structure and contents of “inquirer” because it sustains on it. Society never encourages a


free man because its whole structure will xollapse if his way of life is taken as an example by others. We have to


break that artificial limitation woven by thought over pure consciousness if we want Self actualization which is


infinite in its nature. So contant watchfulness, patience is required so that the fact of “inquirer” is realized in toto


which tells its story to passive awareness and withers once and forever.  If we realize that “inquirer” is the


“inquired” we understand that there is no fun of doing self-inquiry with the “inquirer” because there will be


continuous conflict and friction with such activity Let the “inquirer” tells its story in passive awareness of


self-inquiry and wither away.This is real self-inquiry, not the inquirer manipulating the so called “inquired”. This is


possible only when we existentially know that “inquirer” is the “inquired”.






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