The “I” and “I”-“I”

The source of “me”,a bundle of thoughts is “memory”.Memory is matter. That is why it is stored in brain cells. If we start giving energy to it, the movement of memory veils Self effulgence of “I”-“I”. “I” means movement of memory. Movement of memory is not continuous. So “I” is not continuous. Just as light in candle though it appears continuous is only a series of light, just like series of pictures played on screen appear continuous, “I” seems like a continuous entity. It is a series of discontinuous movements of memory which cause illusion of a continuous entity. If we are aware we will come to know the gaps between movement. As awareness deepens gaps go on increasing. Finally there is only gap in which we exist without any movement of memory. If the gap is prolonged to 48 minutes there is no need of further birth to learn. We have learnt to live in the gap without any thought. This is the moment of Self realization. The gap Self, the “I”-“I”. It is nothing to be acqired. Cessation of movement of memory which is “I” amounts to acquiring “I’-“I” though there is nothing like acquring it.Movement of psychological memory as thought has no role to play in psyche but we are under the illusion that it has role to play and we used thought to solve all human problems with thought resulting in present chotic state of mind and so world. Because thought is divisive in nature it divides mind as polypsychic and such state of mind is projected as world with chotic human society. One man is opposed to another man, one family is opposed to another family, one country opposed to another and piling up armaments to kill fellow human being. There is never single humanity in past. We have divided them using thought. If thought is not there, we can create a mentally healthy human being and so society.Knowing this if we no longer give it energy by disconnecting identity with psychological memory which constitutes the “me”,”I”-“I” which is a living Self effulgent thing reveals by itself. It goes without saying “me” is a dead thing. It is we who are giving energy to a dead thing giving an apparent life to it for millions of years.Time has come to stop identifying with it.Stopping identifying with it is the only spiritual disciple so that we come out of net of “I” and recognize our natural state “I”-“I”.Image


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