Role of “Insight” in self-inquiry

In self-inquiry thought has no role to play. It is from insight we learn psychologically and that learning is self-inquiry. Movement of thought is from known to another. It cannot negotiate with the unknowable. Where as movement of psychological learning which is self-inquiry is from insight to insight. Insight derives its energy from pure being. Insight is the right and only instrument for functioning in psyche. For those whose thought never comes to an end insight cannot happen. If insight never happens we cannot do self-inquiry. Insight is perception, and so not time bound and brings order and functions in a rational way. Thought occupies psyche when there is no insight. When insight is not there ,there is darkness and in that darkness “self” is formed. Once we function from insight self is gone. Instinctual animalistic pattern of behaviour is broken with insight. As long as centre is there ,there is disorder. Insight not only abolishes darkness but prevents creation of darkness. For some insight is natural but for others it is not natural. Many try to come out of darkness through thought which in itself is dark. Many do not want to get out of darkness because they invested so much in darkness. Man in darkness can move away at any time. If we have insight centre of darkness which is “self” will dispel completely. The division with those who have insight is is only from point of view of “self” which creates darkness. Thought has created this division and the man with insight says there is no division.In my darkness there is nothing but division. I am constantly living in a state of division and i want to live constantly in which there is no division. But that movement is still the movement of darkness.I can only dispel the darkness only through insight. So my problem is to perceive the darkness and thought creating the darkness and sees that the “self” is the source of darkness, why cannot i see that at least logically. self is creating division and so darkness which is very obvious. Actually there is no division and your very darkness is creating division. I can do it because i am the creator of division. Man with insight says that there is no division and it has tremendous effect on me. I respond with a tremendous shock. That statement breaks the pattern. Man with insight said something fundamentally true. There is no god and man. The act of his statement dispelled the darkness. Can i listen in that darkness? In pure listening is no division, there is no duality. It makes me sensitive, alive, watching and it puts an end to the constant movement of division. If this does not take place i continue to live in darkness. Constant movement in darkness is my life. The realization of that is the ending of “becoming”.

When there is insight there is no division. There is a perception which is non-dualistic movement. It is a movement not of time and it leads to a common ground, source from which we derive our empirical existence which is neither darkness nor light. That ground is an endless movement. There is movement of being to becoming psychologically. Physically there is movement from here to there. Is there a movement which in itself has no division? There is no division in movement. So no time, no distance, Is that movement surrounding, enveloping man and there is no action which is divisive. Can the mind be of that movement? That movement is timeless, therefore deathless. Then death has no meaning. The statement that there is no division broken the spell of my darkness and i see there is a movement, that’s all which means death has very little meaning. Fear of death is gone. Matter is also of the same movement. In my darkness i missed it. Clarity of those having insight breaks the spell. There is no division between life and death. You have wiped away moving in sense of darkness, so you don’t try to become immortal. Man is struggling with the world in darkness. It is like struggling in a locked room. I can invent lot of significance like god, attachment to property, children, profession, race, nation, religion, and belief etc still they are all in the area of darkness. The mind of those having insight is much more than universal mind because it participates in the movement of ground which is the source of all and so such mind is not empty. Then mind emerges from the ground and falls and dives back to the movement of ground, it has its being in the movement. So you abolish the concept of ending and beginning, so you have removed one of the greatest fears which is of death. So mind does not age because there is no conflict, no strain, no becoming. Common mind arises from memory and ends in it. This is for those who are without insight. It is because their mind identifies with the memory. They are in constant conflict and there is wearing out of cells, decay. Decay can be slowed down when there is insight. With insight brain cells mutate and no longer think in terns of time. Insight is part of the ground energy. Once brain has the quality of insight it never loses that quality and therefore no longer evolves in time. Notion of death is in the background for those who have no insight. My daily life is aggression, everlasting thirst for success and that will go if there is insight.


What thought can do computers can also do. Thought is such a trivial and peripheral thing. Intelligence of thought and computer are dependent on how they are programmed. What is the intelligence that belongs to either thought or computer? If thought can do self-inquiry, then computer can also do it. But it is from living insight self-inquiry is possible but not from thought which a reaction from the programming is. Man has created the world dependent on thought, economic, social, religious resulting in this monstrous world. Its culture is not dependent on nature. Problems which thought has created thought cannot solve them. It can never solve psychological problems. Economic and political problems are related to psychological problems and thought may not solve them. Human brain is infinite and part of it is programmed. There is different kind of thought which is not born out of knowledge. There is different operation of brain not interfered by thought. Insight is not result of thought. Insight is not mechanical like thought, it is a living thing. It is not based on knowledge, experience, time, it is seeing whole program instantly. Suppose if we perceive and see that “self” is the cause of psychological darkness with development of degenerating factors, we are finished with it.It is immediate perception-action. In order to insight takes the mechanical must come to an end. Insight is not based on memory, knowledge, thought. Mechanical logical part must come to an end for perception to take place. Is there thought which is not mechanical? Human has the potential for insight. There may be a thought which is not programmed. People act in programmed condition mode. With perception, mechanical process with its conflict ends. some have partial insight. When mechanical process of thinking is perpetually used it may not come to a halt naturally and then insight is impossible. Insight is not by chance, one cannot force it to happen.It happens by ones way of life. If he is all the time accumulating material possessions it may not happen because thought is such a momentum that it never comes to an end. There is no method for the ending of thought and have insight. If you live orderly it happens spontaneously. Don’t lead a mechanical life. What is the state of mind which asking for insight?  It is demanding, desiring, and thinks if i have an insight, capture it, then all my problems are solved. But we must have a quality of mind of not knowing, not expecting, not wanting, and having the patience to wait. When we are leave the mechanical we are in communication with the insight. Insight is immediate perception. Man has acted mechanically for millions of years. Listening with sensual ear is mechanical, if we hear with all our being there is a possibility of insight happening because at least for the time being mechanical part gives way and there is only passive awareness. There must be absolute quietness for insight to take place. Brain is infinite because it is not personal. Mechanical thought says it my brain and tries to limit it to itself. For arguing persons insight will not happen because they don’t listen and so their mechanical mind never comes to an end giving way for the insight to happen. They always live in the periphery. From the insight you can argue logically, logic is mechanical. Through logic you cannot come to insight. Insight is nothing to do with logic. Thought being mechanical it can never capture that which is non-mechanical. Mind has to stay with “what is” and see what happens.

Negative thinking is highest form of thinking; it is to see what is false not what is true. Religious mind frees from the known so that it experiences unknowable. If meditation is converted into system it imprisons the mind. Most meditations encourage concentration. A mind which is free of past is in the “now”. Awareness is something in which choice does not exist. When choice enters there is no awareness. In choice there is division, measurement and so there is border. In awareness there is no division there is no measurement and so there is no border. In awareness there is a centre from which we attend, either we can be in awareness with choice or with choice-less awareness. It is the choice-less awareness that is required for self-inquiry so that we will have insight into things of psyche. But in attention there is no centre from which we attend, there is no attendee and so there is no division. Quality of choice-less awareness and attention are different. Mind with attention has no quality, having no centre and so no border. Meditation is the meditator. If attention is not there truth cannot come into being and exist. Without attention the word truth has no meaning.



Only with insight we can do self-inquiry

Only with insight we can do self-inquiry

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