An inquiry into ones own shell of conditioning is self-inquiry

Each one of us built a wall of conditioning around us and lurk behind the wall which prevents


relating to other in actuality. In daily life it is the walls of conditioning that are related which is


no relationship at all and it results in constant friction and contradiction, be it with society or


other individual. The whole process is socially sanctioned self isolation because considers this


isolation as relationship. You are building the wall of conditioning and caught in the process.


Your intelligence says to get rid of this wall. The awareness that you are giving energy to


building up of conditioning is enough for dissolution of wall between you and the other.


There is a need to protect one physically in form of food and shelter. But same protecting attitude


superimposes on psyche also resulting in conditioning which is none other than “me” and “mine”.


But is there any need or possibility to protect the “inner” which is unknowable. Conditioning is known.


Are we protecting the inner or or we protecting the “conditioning in the name of protecting the inner.


When self protection becomes a psychological necessity it leads to wrong relationship with the other


with intention of exploiting him. There is no inward protection by itself. Because you are uncertain


inwardly you cling to ideas, beliefs, values, dogmas and you feel seeming certainty in the inner.


But these are not independent of outward things. Real inward perception render all the outward things


and the beliefs and ideas as of no significance. Conditioning is the outcome of sensory values.


Trouble arises when we use outward things like property lead to psychological self protection.


Outward things have no value in themselves but we imagine they protect us inwardly and mind values


them. Things made by the mind are illusory. So through sensory perceptions, you are trying to 


protect that which is non-sensory and which is beyond senses and so unknown. To find out


that which is behind the wall made by senses, you have to go through the wall and so you


will go beyond it. This is self-inquiry. There is no use of deceiving ourselves doing self-inquiry 


keeping the wall of conditioning intact. In this way we will never go beyond the wall and so taste the 


unknowable which is beyond senses. But in daily life we are all the time go on strenthening the wall.


So we are not only protecting the wall of conditioning but protecting it. You can neither protect nor


destroy the “inner” which you do not know. So what you are doing is a foolish thing.


Never forget that conditioningis made up of mind’s tricks. The wall is a product of desire and


its object.The qualifier of judging and valuing is the conditioned wall. We are perceiving things


hrough that screen and so our perception is distorted. Seeing its transiency the conditioned wall


creates a higher which it considers permant in terms of time. The conditioning always tries to do


something for certainty. Even it considers self-inquiry as a means to find something permanant.


But self-inquiry is to penetrate the conditioning through and through and going beyond it and


discovering the unknowable. Self-inquiry has no goal by itself, it just observes conditioning is


the cause of human misery and in that understanding we go beyond conditioning. Conditioning


is “me” and “mine”.At present conditioning is trying to judge the “unknowable inner” which is


impossible to conditioning. Unknowable can come into existence when all conditioning evaporates


hrough understanding of it.As long as conditioning exists it continues to do mischief. The barrier


between you  and other only through understanding of conditioning. This is self-inquiry. You cannot 


“do” anything about the wall because wall does not exists, it is a fictious creation of thought.


So any “doing” is strenthening the wall. Non-doing is self-inquiry. The shell of conditioning


apparently limits our consciousness. The shell disappears just by pure observation. Then we recognize


unity with rest of consciousness and our vision is infinite. There is no longer the illusion of “me” and “mine”.


So thinking process thinks in an impersonal way, it is no longer self centred. Then we love irrespective of 


what shell they contain.



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