The Real Revolution

It is a revolution in the way of thinking, behavior, conduct. What place has knowledge in that? We are just scratching on surface. There must be change in structure and nature of thought. It is the human change that will transform the society. Without changing human society it is not possible to change the society because it is the brutal, ambitious, violent, greedy, petty human beings that created the society. Change in the outer structure of society does not bring revolution,  The inner is the outer, human being is the whole, he is the society, he is the factor which brings about chaos. He is the world and the world is he, if he changes everything changes. “Me” is the world and the world is “me”. You are the result of culture and that culture produced this rotten, immoral world. Is it possible for human being to get transformed inwardly therefore outwardly? Where there is a division there is conflict.


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